Karac Pendragon was the first son of Maureen and Robert Plant. He was born on April 22th 1971. There was a Robert Plant interview by Charles Shaar Murray printed in NME magazine on 23/06/1973 and Karac was mentioned: "Charles: Is it not practical for you to take your family on the road? Robert: Oh it'd be chaotic for a young kid (...) You see, my little boy's just started to walk, and I haven't seen him bloomin' walk yet. Those are the things that upset you about being on the road. The very fact that you miss fantastic occasions like that. I mean, the kid just stands up and starts strolling around - and here I am in Tuskaloosa or wherever." In an interview for the People Magazine (Dec. 20 1976) Robert says about his son: "We call him Baby Austin after that Bionic Man. He knows no fear, has no anticipation of danger. I envy him." Karac Plant was at the tender age of six when he became suddenly ill with an unidentified viral infection. On July 26th 1977, Led Zeppelin traveled to New Orleans for the next show. As they were checking into the hotel, Robert Plant received a call from his wife: Karac was seriously ill. Two hours later, Maureen called back; their son was dead. Plant, Bonham and Cole caught the next flight back to England and the tour was immediately cancelled. Bonham and Cole were the only members of Led Zeppelin's inner circle to attend Karac Plant's funeral in Birmingham. Karac's death later inspired him to write the song "All My Love" in tribute, featured on Led Zeppelin's final studio LP, 1979's 'In Through the Out Door'.